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JavaScript Training

TitleJS101: Introduction to JavaScript
Duration2 Days
PrerequisitesHTML101: Introduction to HTML
or equivalent experience

JavaScript is a language designed to add scripting capabilities to a Web page. While HTML is static (it is designed to display fixed data on a page, and, to some extent to collect data from the user), JavaScript can process or even change the contents of the page.

Some of the things we can do with JavaScript include:

  • Manipulating Images
  • Using Cookies
  • Form Validation and Processing
  • Calculations
  • Changing the Content and Styling of Web Pages
  • Games

JavaScript 101 is an introduction to scripting a Web Page with JavaScript.

The course is in two sections. The introductory modules introduce the main JavaScript concepts, such as how to write scripts and programming fundamentals required in JavaScript. This is followed by a number of simple Projects which put these skills to use, and introduce useful techniques in writing scripts.

At all times, the student is encouraged to follow good design and writing principles, and the examples and exercises are clear and written in a way to facilitate further development.

Training includes comprehensive training material containing concept sections which explain key JavaScript concepts, and can be used later as a reference.